Build your own PC Serial Connector to program
an AES IntelliNet 7450 / 7788F Radio

In place of a handheld terminal, a cable adapter kit #7043 may be ordered to link the 7450/7788F to your computer serial port.

Or, here is how to build your own...

  1. Purchase a DB9 to RJ-11 (flat 6-conductor phone) type connector.
  2. Make the following connections between the RJ-11 connector and the DB9 connector:
    1. Red to Pin 2
    2. Black to Pin 3
    3. Green to Pin 4
    4. White to Pin 5 (GND)
    5. Yellow to Pin 6
    6. Blue to Pin 9 (Optional.  Connect only if serial device accepts a 12v power source via the Ring Indicator (pin 9), make sure this wire doesn't short to anything else if you are not connecting it)
    7. If RTS/CTS Hardware Handshaking is required on the PC side then make a jumper between Pin 7 and Pin 8 on the DB9 connector.
  3. Connect a flat 6-conductor telephone cable between the AES IntelliNet Radio Programming Port and your RJ-11 connector.  NOTE: telephone cable should be reversed from end-to-end.



Communications Parameters: 4800 baud, NO parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, RTS/CTS Flow control OFF

Handheld (HH) Programmer Key equivalents to PC Keyboard:

HH = PC - function HH = PC - function HH = PC - function
F1 = CTRL+q SHIFT+F1 = a - Toggle Receive Monitor CTRL+F1 = f - Setup Unit
F2 = CTRL+r - Packet Time-to-Live SHIFT+F2 = b - Toggle Transmit Monitor CTRL+F2 = g - Checkin Time
F3 = CTRL+s SHIFT+F3 = c - Toggle Monitor All CTRL+F3 = h - Zone Setup
F4 = CTRL+t SHIFT+F4 = d - Display Status CTRL+F4 = i - Enable Repeating
F5 = CTRL+u - Send Text Message/Command SHIFT+F5 = e - Key Transmitter CTRL+F5 = j - Reset RAM

When entering Hex numbers, use uppercase, i.e.. "9A" not "9a"
If possible, set terminal program for "destructive backspace" so that backspace will erase the deleted character from the   screen.
If nothing is sent or received by the 7450/7788F, make sure the program is set to the correct COM port.
If characters are received by the 7450/7788F, but nothing can be sent, make sure the CTS/RTS flow control is OFF, and   that the cable is OK.