Installing an AES IntelliNet 7788F Radio
The Technician's Guide
by AZ Security Control

Make sure you have the latest documentation for the Equipment you are Installing:

Documentation can be found on our Technical Resources page.

Connect the Hardware...

  1. Install the Radio and connect the Dry-Contact Outputs from your Alarm Panel or Devices to the Zone Inputs on the AES using EOL Resistors to generate Alarm (short) and Trouble (open) conditions.
  2. (optional) Connect the Antenna Failure output on the AES to a Zone Input on your Alarm Panel program this zone as Latching to prevent auto-restore and re-triggering creating a loop condition causing unnecessary traffic.
  3. If an ASI Annunciator is being used, mount and connect the Annunciator to the AES Radio Accessory/Programming Port.

Program the AES Radio...

  1. Program the Zone Input types on the AES ("h" on PC, "Ctrl-F3" on AES Programmer). Answer "Y"es to Fire? Program zones as "F" if used and "B" if not used.
  2. Program the Account Number and Cipher Code into the AES Radio ("f" on PC, "Ctrl-F1" on AES Programmer).
  3. If the ASI Annunciator (ANNR38 Only) is used, you can program the Radio via the FlashPort App on your phone.
  • After Program Changes: Press the Reset Button on the AES Main Board.
  • After a few minutes, press ("d" on PC, "Shift-F4" on AES Programmer) to view your current radio Status including NetCon. The NetCon should be a maximum of 5.

Installing the 7794 FirePro...

  • Connect the T and R from the Alarm Panel Dialer to the AP T and R on the FirePro.
  • Connect the FirePro to the AES Radios Accessory/Programming Port with the included jumper wire.
  • IMPORTANT: Alarm Panel MUST be programmed for TONE dialing only.  The Panel can have any 4-digit Account # (preferrably same as Radio Account #) and any Phone # at least 3-digits long (preferrably "555").

    It is required to always connect a general fire alarm hardwire zone when using the FirePro.

    AZ Security Control Central Station Technical Support: Call AZ Security Control @ 480-756-5423

    AES IntelliNet Radio Technical Support: Call AES IntelliNet @ 800-237-6387